Monday, June 21, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, Gold, $7.99

The Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens are one of the coolest nail customizing tools out right now. These awesome pens come in so many different colors and it seems like they are adding new ones now that customizing nails at home has become really popular. The one I'm reviewing is the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in gold.

This pen is like a nailpolish marker made to go over nailpolish. You have to shake this pen for a little bit and then press the tip down on a piece of paper to get the "ink" to come out. After that you can start to doodle on your nails as you please. After you decorate, polka dot, zebra stripe, leopard print, etc you just top it with any old topcoat. The paint comes off along with your nailpolish when you use regular nailpolish remover.

I think that these markers are really versatile but require practice. In the picture I just did a little big of a squiggle to show you how it shows up on polish. You can use it to french tip your nails even write something on them. I think that the marker is the perfect size to get skinny designs and if you want a thicker line you just kind of bend it to the side a little.

Final verdict:
Cost: $7.99, you can often find them on sale or even for special deals like buy one get one free since they are carried at most drugstores.
Does the color show up?: I have the gold and silver and they both show up really well. If you think that it is coming out too light, close the cap and shake the pen again. Then squeeze the tip down on a piece of paper to get the ink going again.
How do I learn to make cool designs on my nails?: I suggest to either practice on your nails or paper or my secret YouTube! There are so much nail tutorials and watching a few can really help you learn how to make your nails look badass.
Repeat offender?: Definitely! I would totally buy this in another color! I want to get it in black because I have a fantasy watermelon nail in mind one day!

Check back early this evening to find out the winner of the contest and to see what they got! Thanks for participating to those who did!



  1. OMG I've been eyeing these for a while now! I didn't want to get them because I was unsure of how well they worked... and because they are $8 and I can get a new bottle of OPI for that! But since you say they are worth it, I'm totally going to get one... or four :) Thanks!

  2. I got these for 2$$