Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Olay Quench Body Lotion - Ultra Moisture, $9

I got a sample of Olay Quench Body Lotion - Ultra Moisture when I bought my Olay Body Ribbons body wash (the one with the mica) over the weekend. Don't you just love free samples? Anyway, the full size (12 oz) is about $9 (but they have some great deals on Amazon, as always). Plus, Mirna mentioned wanting to try their tanning lotion so I thought I could at least try their regular lotion and see how it is.

Its scent is like the typical lotion smell--not overpowering, but definitely feminine. It's a pretty thin lotion but soaks in really quickly. It didn't leave me feeling greasy and seemed to moisturize. Seems like a really nice summer lotion.

Oh! Wanna know the best part?

It sparkles. Whaaaaat. They don't advertise it at all but it's full of little silver sparkles, like really fine fairy dust. So I guess it fits that I bought it with the mica body wash!

Final verdict
$9 for 12 oz is very reasonable. Available at drugstores, Target, Amazon, etc.
Texture/smell: Typical lotion--smells a little perfumey, isn't too thick, soaks right in.
Surprise sparkles: Olay, why didn't you tell me this lotion would leave me covered in tiny little sparkles? No, no, I'm not mad, I love it! It just threw me off when I walked outside and wondered how I managed to roll around in shimmer before I left the house.
Repeat offender: I would buy this again. It's a good lotion and I'm really into the shimmery glow. As with the body wash, it's not extremely noticeable, but it's definitely there if you look. Fun!


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