Monday, March 8, 2010

Be Good To Your Mother (Earth) 3 Full Size 24.7 Lip Sheers, $35

Tarte has truly become one of my favorite makeup brands in the last year. It started with me buying an eyeshadow palette by them without knowing much about the quality of the product. What I’ve gained from trying several of their products is that they are genuinely a high quality and environmentally friendly brand. I have been dying to get this awesome set of 24.7 Lip Sheers (found here and here) by Tarte forever, but I always thought the price was a little high. About two weeks ago one of my favorite online sample sale sites (hit me up if you want an invite) had a sale on this exact set I’ve had my eye on all along and I went ahead and splurged.

I was so excited to try this set because like I said earlier, I’ve been trying to experiment with lip colors. In this set you get 3 full-sized tubes of Tarte’s 24.7 lip sheers and a really lovely deep purple reusable tote bag that zips up so you can always have it on hand (DC people I know you have that new bag tax so this is perfect because it fits in your purse or car without taking up a lot of space). In authentic Tarte style, the packaging the lip sheers come in are made with recycled aluminum and are adorned with the names Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The lip sheers come in 3 colors, the first being Reduce which is a muted wine color; Reuse, a hot pink that can go on subtly or give you a sexy bright lip color; and finally Recycle, a nude to dry rose color. These sheers are seriously the perfect lip product for the spring and summer because they all have SPF 15 and they go on so lightly, it is almost like a colored chapstick. Unlike lipstick, the lip sheers don’t really get on your teeth, they act almost like a creamy lip stain.

Final verdict:
Cost: The price seems a little high for some lip sheers but these tubes are pretty big and you get three of them. Individually, 24.7 lip sheers cost $16 dollars each so you are getting a pretty good deal. And don’t forget you also get a tote bag and it seems like we can’t have enough of these.
Quality: Tarte’s products live up to their promises. They are high quality and guilt-free because the company is dedicated to making environmentally friendly products.
Versatility: These lip sheers can be worn everyday as a casual addition to your beauty routine or you could use them when getting decked out for a special event.
Repeat offender: If I manage to use all 3 of the lip sheers or find another shade that appeals to me I would definitely invest in another tube of this awesome stuff.

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