Friday, March 5, 2010

Sweet Deals

Hey lovelies! Just wanted to share some sweet deals we found and a few things I'm lusting for right now . . .

The Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers I reviewed last week is back in stock and still only $10!

Get free shipping and a free sample of MAC's Zoom Lash mascara (I've used it, it is great!) when you order from MAC's site by using the code: lash310.

I'm lusting for this awesome shade of nail polish called Dick Weed from the creators of one of my favorite fashion blogs.

I've been watching too much reality tv on Netflix and my latest obsession was L.A. Ink which leads me to my obsessive lusting for this Kat Von D eyeshadow palette, Metal Orchestra, it was sold out but it is now back in stock! If you like lighter shades Memento Mori is equally beautiful.

This goooorgeous blue shadow from Nars is called Tropic and it really just makes me wish I was in Hawaii or something, a girl can dream . . .

Are any of you lusting for any products you've seen recently or have you come across any good deals you could share? Leave a comment and share the beauty product wealth!


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