Monday, March 1, 2010

MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lustre Lipstick, $14.00

Wearing lipstick has not really been a step in my beauty routine ever, but recently I have been experimenting with it more often. When I saw this pink tube of perfection I knew it was something that would work for me and definitely had to have it. This limited edition lipstick is part of MAC’s VIVA GLAM campaign where every cent of a VIVA GLAM purchase goes to those living with HIV and AIDS.

Not only does this lipstick's profits go to a great cause, but the color was chosen and is being endorsed by Lady Gaga (I’m definitely a fan). You know this has to be fabulous and crazy if Gaga’s name is on it. I love this pink shade because you can wear it lightly and it can come off very natural or you can add a few coats for a nice thick pink lip. This pink compliments my skin tone and hair color by adding just a pop of sweet color. I must admit I feel a little Barbie-like but there is no shimmer, glitter, or an unfortunate “icy/frosty” look circa 1994—this lipstick is just a pretty pink. If you aren’t sure about it go to your nearest MAC counter and ask them to disinfect a sample tube and try it on for yourself! If you don’t like this particular color, MAC has tons of different colors and I am definitely a big fan of their lipsticks.

(Pink is probably not for everyone but I think it works with my skin tone)

Final verdict: I love love love this color so much.
Cost: $14.00, the price might be high but the quality is so great and by purchasing a VIVA GLAM product you are giving each and every cent to a really great cause.
Repeat offender: My experience with MAC lipstick has always been positive. I’ll probably be reviewing more shades in the future!

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