Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweet Deals, Vol. 2

To make your Friday even sweeter, here are some awesome deals and some pretty sparkly things to long for . . .

Urban Decay has reintroduced their nailpolish line and is celebrating with Apocalyptic Nail Kit, a set of 6 mini polishes in their trademark dark and exciting colors (with a little zippered case), on sale for $18.

Sephora has added some great Tarte products to their sale section, like this set of 4 bright spring eyeshadows plus 2 lipglosses in a portable kit ($22), 2 smaller versions of the lip sheers Mirna reviewed in an earlier post ($15), and this cute mini palette of 4 dark eyeshadows that comes with a full-size brush ($12).

Walmart sells Hard Candy now! (Am I a little late on this? Oh well, still exciting!) Hard Candy has all kinds of makeup in pretty packaging (I'm such a sucker for a well-designed box), but their nailpolish repertoire is really what they're known for. I'm falling in love with this pretty teal, this sparkly wine, and this dark glittery masterpiece that reminds me of a hot summer street, all just $5 each. Plus, who can resist those awesome heart-shaped rings?

MAC knows I've got spring fever and is tempting me with these yummy, shiny lipglosses, or as they call them, lipglasses. Isn't the Partial to Pink color so sweet? ($18)

Oh em gee, the Harajuku Lovers perfumes are in little summer bikinis! I'm this one, Mirna is this one.

I think the next brand I'm going to try is MAKE UP FOR EVER, specifically this breathtaking black cream eyeshadow (this picture here is a total inspiration, even though it sounds like most reviewers on Sephora used it as a cream eyeliner). PS, they totally did the makeup for The Runaways. I can't wait to see their awesome rock star makeup and outfits.



  1. I have a lot of love for MAKE UP FOR EVER. The HD powder is amazing! I actually get complimented on my complexion when I use it.

  2. those little harajuku bikini girls are KILLING ME!!! I love them! Didn't I just say I need to save :(