Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Miss Fix-It Palette by Tarte, $22 (on sale from $44)

The Miss Fix-It palette by Tarte is a perfect little bundle of makeup for the warmer seasons. The colors included in this palette were what drew me to buy it in the first place. The bright blue, sparkly mint green, light lavender, and sandy golden shadows were the reason I bought this palette—mostly because I have nothing like the blue or green. I already own two Tarte eyeshadow palettes so I knew I would adore the quality of the shadow and it definitely did not fail to impress me. I wore the green shadow over some primer and it stayed on brightly all day.

The palette also includes two lipglosses and a highlighter cream. The highlighter is a sparkly mix of gold and an almost pearl-like tone. I put some on my upper brow bone for a “highlighting” effect. It can also be used subtly on the cheekbones for the always lovely glow. The lipglosses are both pinkish tones, the one on the left goes on more clear and the one on the right has a more subtle color. The lipgloss goes on smooth and does not feel too sticky on the lips.

The most brilliant part of the palette is that the eyeshadows are separated from the lipglosses and highlighter by a thick cube of plastic that is attached to the palette so it won’t mysteriously disappear and you won’t have a mess of sticky eyeshadow and powdery lipgloss (grossssss). The palette also includes two double sided application brushes for the shadow, lipgloss, and even the highlighter. A little mirror is also embedded underneath the top lid that folds down. This is a super sturdy palette to carry in your purse if you like to have your makeup handy for touchups. It folds up into a neat little cube and stays shut with a magnet in the lid.

Final verdict:
Cost: This palette is originally $44 but this week Sephora has select Tarte products on sale as Tori mentioned in Friday’s Sweet Deals, so it is marked down 50% for $22!
Do the colors go on the eyelids the way they look in the palette?: Yes! You know sometimes we all buy eyeshadows where the color in the case looks way more vibrant than it does when it is applied on your eyelids. This palette’s colors are definitely true to their color on eyelids too.
Repeat offender?: I will always buy Tarte cosmetics so definitely! Obviously I don’t need two of the same palette but I’d buy a different one with different colors.


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