Thursday, March 18, 2010

Urban Decay Hall of Fame, $20

This is by far the coolest, most awesome, best deal gift set ever. Ok maybe not ever, but one of them . . . When the time came that my dear and most trusted beauty product Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion was close to running out I found this awesome deal that includes an XL version of my #1 product/bff for life. One bottle of the XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion costs $23 (this is 60% bigger than the original size) but this set which includes the primer and a bunch of other useful goodies is a mere $20. I don’t even need to re-review the Primer Potion because we bring it up so often anyways and you can read our review here.

This set also comes with a mini 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil. This pencil comes in different colors but in the Hall of Fame you get good old black or as they call it Zero. This pencil is waterproof and goes on super smoothly. I personally am not a fan of pencils that you have to sharpen because I hate sharpening makeup pencils. But this pencil is pretty cool and I would consider getting it in different colors.

The Midnight Cowboy Lipstick in the Hall of Fame not only has a super cool name but it is actually a pretty nice lipstick. It is a beige color with a hint of shimmer, on your lips it looks pretty natural but like I’ve said before about lipstick, it just adds a polishing effect.

One of the beauty products that cracks me up every time I see it is the Pocket Rocket lipgloss. When you purchase a full bottle of the Pocket Rocket it comes adorned with a holographic picture of a clothed dude and when you move the bottle ever so slightly the dude is suddenly in his underwear. Hot. So if dudes can have bikini-clad women on their lighters we can have perfectly muscled men in their underwear on our lipgloss! But seriously it is more funny than it is sexy. The lipgloss however was a really big surprise to me! I am not big on lipgloss but I tried this and it stayed on for a long time! That is pretty amazing because I ate, drank, talked, and still had some gloss on my lips. I might actually consider getting a tube of the full-size Pocket Rocket. Oh and this one is called Timothy, yes, they are named by the guy on them.

I love, love, love to try different mascaras every time I run out. I actually feel like I haven’t bought a full tube of mascara for about a year because I get so many samples. So being that I am somewhat of a mascara connoisseur I am going to give this mascara a 3 out of 5. The mascara goes on fine but it starts to get flakey (if you touch it) by the end of the day and I’m not really cool with that feeling, especially because I wear contacts. I have been using the Skyscraper mascara for a couple weeks now and will continue to until I run out but I probably wouldn’t buy a full bottle of it. I can’t love everything, even though I really want to sometimes!

Final verdict:
Cost: You really can’t beat $20 for this set, its like paying less for a bottle of primer and getting 4 extra treats.
Quality: Urban Decay is one of my top quality brands, I hardly ever find myself disappointed with their products. Also, how cool is the packaging on all of this stuff?
Where to buy it?: You can get it here from Urban Decay's website!
Repeat offender?: If I manage to run out of the XL primer and this set is still available I’d probably buy it again because the deal is pretty sweet.


  1. I ordered this after reading your review (oh, and paying my bills..ha) and just got it. I'm so excited to try out the primer! I've tried everything else so far, and am a huge fan of the 24/7 eyeliner. The lipgloss is ok, but it tastes kind of weird. The lipstick is a nice neutral color but I'm not really feelin' the shimmer/glitter. Just my two cents! Thanks for pointing out the deals ladies.

  2. I'm really excited for you to try the primer, even if the lip gloss and lipstick weren't perfect it is nice that they are so small and the primer (which is the main star) is so big! You will definitely be hooked, I just bought two more bottles of the primer since there was another sale, thought I'd have a back supply lol! Thanks for reading and commenting!