Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lorac Cheek Stamp, $5 (clearance from $22)

(Lorac Cheek Stamp in Pink Paradise)

Keeping in theme with Mirna's post on some sweet deals, I thought I'd share a sweet sale item before it goes out of stock! Lorac has come up with this nifty blush called the Cheek Stamp. It's a little container that holds a sponge and a layer of powder blush. When twisted shut, the sponge gets a fresh coat of the powder.

The color I chose, Pink Paradise, is more accurately depicted on the product website--it was hard to get a good shot of the brightness of the color. The soft powder is a sweet and bright baby pink that looks nice on my fair skin.

To use, untwist the cap and dab the squishy sponge on the apples of your cheeks. Then, use your fingers to easily blend. Twist the cap back on and you're done!

Final verdict
Cost: I wouldn't have paid $22 for it, but now that it's on sale for $5 I say why not?
Portability: The cute little container would easily fit in a purse or small bag, great for on-the-go beauty. I wouldn't worry about it spilling or the powder coming loose or anything like that.
Repeat offender: Well, since it's on sale they're probably not going to sell it much longer. But, it's a nice, portable little product, and gives you a good sample of Lorac's blush if you've never tried it. I've used other products by Lorac, so I know they're a great brand. I'd buy from them again, especially if they continue to have sweet sale prices!


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  1. Sweet! I've been looking for portable blush and for $5, I can't pass this up! Thanks!